Demoscene related stuff is hidden.

Option1. Ask biini (MrBeanGm@iRCNet) for personal account!
(Since I'm prolly away, to speed things up, /msg your handle, group (or realname, if you prefer using that) and email address for password recovery)
You'll prolly get rss working correctly and can write shit with your own handle.

Option2. Take a guess. See below.

only lower case letters.

1) Generations ahead. (same username and password)
2) Greetings to username, password to lamers
3) Username - Like a virgin (same username and password)
4) Username - A pain in your arse. (same username and password)
5) Twice the Fun - Double the Trouble (same username and password)

You only need to know one of those...
or ask ROTOR on #suomiscene and prepare to be verbally attacked.
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